Greetings from Package SVG! We are happy to have you as a customer. We are devoted to giving you the most convenience and value. You must read and accept these Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) before you can proceed.

1. Terms of Use: You agree to be bound by these Terms as well as all applicable laws and regulations by accessing any Package SVG Ltd. website (“Website”), Package SVG Ltd. program or application, or by downloading and using any Package SVG Ltd. application, website, download, or file (collectively, the “Package SVG Platform”). You must leave this website and stop using the Package SVG Platform right away if you disagree with any of these terms. The Package SVG Platform’s content is shielded by relevant patent, copyright, and trademark laws. This website consists of a Package SVG Ltd. website, all of the material on that website, and any services, subscriptions, or files that are accessed through that website (collectively, “Product(s)” or “Package SVG Content”). The Package SVG Websites, Apps, and Programs are those created by Package SVG Ltd. (hence “Package SVG”) and include,, Monogram Maker App, DesignScape Web App, and any upcoming websites and applications. The website and all Package SVG apps are part of the Package SVG Platform. Send us an email at [email protected] if you need assistance with the Package SVG Platform.

2. Reservation of Rights: You agree and accept that the Package SVG Platform is licensed to you, not purchased by you. You do not acquire any ownership interest in the Package SVG Platform or any other rights thereto by downloading, installing, or otherwise accessing the Package SVG Platform. Your only obligation is to use the Package SVG Platform in accordance with the license granted and in compliance with these Terms. Except as expressly given to you in these Terms, Package SVG and its licensors and service providers reserve and retain all right, title, and interest in and to the Package SVG Platform, including all copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights therein or connected thereto.

3. Access and Representations of Use: It’s possible that not all locations can use the Package SVG Platform. You warrant that your employer has given you permission to accept these Terms on your employer’s behalf if you are using the Package SVG Platform on their behalf. Additionally, you warrant that if these terms are broken, your employer will hold you and Package SVG harmless. You additionally affirm that you are at least 18 years old or, if not, that you will only use the Package SVG Platform with your parent or legal guardian and under their supervision.

4. Purchases: Package SVG will accept your order or subscription when Package SVG contacts you to confirm your order or subscription, at which moment a contract (referred to as the “Contract”) will be created between you and Package SVG. Package SVG will notify you and not charge you for the product if it is unable to accept your order for any reason. Upon accepting your order, Package SVG will give it an order number and let you know what it is.

5. Products: Package SVG has done everything possible to appropriately represent images and colors. The product photographs on the Package SVG Platform are solely for illustrative reasons, and Package SVG makes no claims as to the accuracy of a device’s presentation of the Product (s). There may be a small difference between your product and the examples shown on the Package SVG Platform. Package SVG may update digital content or demand that you update it, provided that the content always matches the description that was given to you prior to purchase. You further acknowledge that Package SVG depends on the agreements, warranties, and/or representations made by users of the Package SVG Platform who upload Products (“Contributor”) for license, and that Package SVG is not liable to you in the event that a Contributor violates an agreement, warranty, or representation made to Package SVG. Refunds are given only at the discretion of Package SVG or as mandated by law.
5.1 Refund – Product Defect As soon as Package SVG acknowledges your order, you can download the Product from Package SVG. Package SVG provides a product with a thirty (30) day money return guarantee. Package SVG can reimburse you the price you paid for a Product if you discover it is incompatible, corrupt, or missing upon download (referred to as the “Package SVG Refund Policy”). According to the Package SVG Refund Policy, you must give yourself enough time to fix any issues with a Product. The majority of issues are resolved within seven (7) days, and if Package SVG is unable to fix your issue with your Product within that time, Package SVG will issue a full refund of the price you paid for the Product to the payment method you used to make the purchase as specified in these Terms.
5.1.1 – To ensure satisfaction, test your products within the allotted thirty (30) day window for refunds. Package SVG will continue to use all commercially reasonable efforts to resolve any issues you may have with the Package SVG support policy after thirty (30) days, but they are unable to issue a refund.
5.2 – Satisfaction – Refund If in Package SVG’ sole judgment, you decide that you no longer want to purchase a non-discounted Package SVG product, Package SVG will refund the price you paid for the product within 30 days if you haven’t downloaded any files for the product to your device. Regarding sales, discounts, and other promotional offers, Package SVG has the right to refuse to issue a refund in accordance with this Section.
5.3 – Refund – Store Credit Refunds for products purchased using store credit can only be made to the store credit account; they cannot be made to the original payment method.
5.4 – Refund – Plus Membership If the member advantages (such discounts on marketplace items, Plus credits, or the One Dollar Deals After Party) have not been used since the most recent charge, the Plus membership fees may be returned within seven (7) days after the billing charge.
5.4.1 If you contact Package SVG Customer Service within seven days of the most recent charge and let them know that no member perks have been used, they will terminate your Plus membership and give you a full refund for the current month’s charge only. The monthly billing amount would not be eligible for a refund if Plus member perks have been used since Package SVG had assessed it.
5.4.2 Plus Membership Credits expire when you or Package SVG cancel your PLUS Membership and have no cash value.
5.5 – Refund – Duplicate Purchases Package SVG can refund the money you most recently paid for the Product within thirty (30) days of purchase if you have purchased an individual product that you have already licensed from Package SVG, whether as an individual product or as part of a bundle. If a single product was initially purchased and is then included in a bundle, event, or special offer, Package SVG maintains the right to refuse to grant a refund in accordance with this Section.

6. Products – Supply: In order to supply you with the Product(s), Package SVG may require specific information from you. If so, the Package SVG Platform will have made this clear in the product description. Package SVG may either (a) refund the purchase price of the Product less a reasonable service fee or (b) impose an additional fee of a reasonable amount to cover any additional work that is necessary as a result if you fail to provide Package SVG with this information within a reasonable timeframe or if you provide Package SVG with inaccurate or incomplete information. If you fail to provide Package SVG with the necessary information, Package SVG will not be liable for delivering the Product(s) late or failing to provide any component of the Product(s).

Package SVG might need to stop providing a Product to:

  • solve technical issues or make small technical adjustments;
  • update the product(s) to reflect modifications to applicable rules and regulations;
  • make modifications to the product as you want or as we notify you.

You are advised to use a Product as soon as you can after purchasing it. Package SVG may reach out to you in advance to let you know we’ll be stopping the supply of a Product, but we can’t promise we’ll do it. If Package SVG must put a Product on hold, you can get in touch with the company to request a refund of the purchase price if it was put on hold within thirty (30) days of the Product’s purchase. You may contact Package SVG to obtain one (1) PLUS credit for each Product that Package SVG suspended if the Product has been suspended for thirty-one (31) days or more after the Product was purchased. Package SVG will change the price so that you do not pay for Product(s) while they are suspended if it is necessary to completely suspend a Product that requires a regular payment or subscription. If Package SVG suspends it or notifies you that it will be suspended for a period of more than fourteen (14) days, you may contact Package SVG to end the contract for a Product that requires an ongoing payment. Package SVG will refund any amounts you have paid in advance for the Product in relation to the period after you end the contract. If you don’t pay Package SVG when you’re supposed to for a Product and you don’t pay anyhow after Package SVG reminds you that payment is due, Package SVG may stop providing the Product(s) until you have made good on the unpaid balance (s). Package SVG will contact you to inform you that it has stopped selling the Product(s), but be aware that third-party payment processors like PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, and others may still make attempts to collect any outstanding debts owed to Package SVG. During the time that the Product(s) are suspended, Package SVG won’t bill you for them. In addition to suspending the items, Package SVG has the right to charge you late payment interest in accordance with the law.

7. Product-Consumer Relations What you have purchased, whether there is a problem with it, how Package SVG is doing, when you decide to stop the contract, and whether you are a consumer or business customer will all affect your rights when you do so.
You may have the legal right to break the contract if the item you purchased is defective or misrepresented (or to get the product repaired or replaced or a service re-performed or to get some or all of your money back). Package SVG has a legal obligation to provide Product(s) that are in accordance with this Contract if you are a consumer. According to the Consumer Rights Act of 2015, digital content (such as a font) must be accurate, suitable for the intended use, and of acceptable quality.

  • You have the option of a repair or a replacement if the Product(s) are defective.
  • You can get some or all of your money back if the problem cannot be remedied, or if it cannot be fixed within a reasonable amount of time and with minimal difficulty; and
  • You may be entitled to a repair or reimbursement if you can show that Package SVG failed to use reasonable care and skill and the fault resulted in damage to your equipment.

The Contract will end immediately and Package SVG will refund you in full for any products that have not been provided or made available. You may also be eligible for compensation if you want to terminate the Contract due to something Package SVG has done or said. If Package SVG follows the procedure outlined in this paragraph below, the Contract will end due to your request. These are the causes:

  • Package SVG informed you that the Product(s) you ordered contained an error in the price or description, and you decided not to proceed;
  • there is a chance that circumstances outside Package SVG’ control could cause the supply of the Product(s) to be severely delayed;
  • For a period of more than fourteen (14) days, Package SVG has either stopped selling the Product(s) or has informed you that it will stop selling the Product(s) for technical reasons;
  • Due to a breach of the Contract by Package SVG, you are legally entitled to terminate the agreement.

If you are a consumer who has recently changed your mind about a Product or Products, you might be eligible to claim a refund as long as the cooling-off period hasn’t expired, however there might be deductions. The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 may not be applicable if you have already downloaded digital content you purchased or if you are not a resident of the UK. Certain phrases provide a more thorough explanation of these rights as they pertain to the Consumer Contracts Regulations of 2013.
Your consumer’s right to change your mind does not apply to:

  • after you’ve started downloading digital products (like our fonts), and
  • services, even if the cancellation period is still in effect, once these have been finished.

How long you have to change your mind as a consumer depends on what you bought and how the Product(s) were delivered. You have fourteen (14) days after the day Package SVG contacts you to confirm Package SVG’ acceptance of your order, or, if earlier, until you begin downloading or streaming, if you purchased digital content for download (such as a typeface or a font bundle). You won’t be able to alter your mind if we instantly supplied the digital content to you and you authorized this while placing your order.
You may still break the contract before it is finished, but you might have to give Package SVG compensation even if Package SVG is not at fault and you are not a customer with a right to withdraw. When a digital product is delivered, downloaded, and paid for, the contract is finished. If Package SVG is not at fault and you do not wish to cancel a Contract because you changed your mind, please contact Package SVG and let us know. Package SVG will refund any money paid by you for Product(s) not provided, and the Contract will end immediately. However, Package SVG may deduct (or, if you haven’t made an advance payment, charge) reasonable compensation for the net costs that Package SVG will incur as a result of your terminating the Contract.

8. Package SVG Communications and Reaction Please contact us via email if you want to cancel your contract with Package SVG, report a problem with a Product, ask a question, or leave a comment for Package SVG. At [email protected], you can send an email to Package SVG Customer Services. Please provide your name, home address, order information, and, if available, your phone number and email address, if applicable.
If you qualify for a refund in accordance with these terms, Package SVG will, subject to these Terms, reimburse you for the price you paid for the Product(s). However, Package SVG reserve the right to reduce the purchase price. Any refunds owed to you will be processed as soon as feasible by Package SVG. If you are a customer exercising your right to cancel, Package SVG will issue your refund within fourteen (14) days of receiving formal notification that you are doing so.

9. Termination – Packages for Designs Package SVG may, upon notice, terminate the agreement for a Product(s) at any time if:

  • you fail to pay Package SVG when it is due and continue to do so after Package SVG reminds you that payment is due for seven (7) days;
  • Package SVG believes that you have violated these terms;
  • If Package SVG needs certain information from you in order to supply the Product(s), you fail to provide it;
  • You refuse to provide Package SVG a reasonable amount of time to deliver the products to you.

Package SVG will refund any money you have paid in advance for Product(s) Package SVG has not provided if it terminates the contract in the circumstances listed above in Paragraph 9, but Package SVG may deduct or charge you reasonable compensation for the net costs Package SVG will incur as a result of your breaching the Contract. If Package SVG offers you subscription services, Package SVG may write to you to inform you of the withdrawal date and that Package SVG will no longer be delivering the Product (s). When we discontinue providing the product(s), Package SVG will notify you in advance and reimburse any amounts you have already paid for the product(s) that won’t be offered.
10. Pricing and Payments Depending on where you are purchasing our products from, the price of the Product, which may include VAT (or its equivalent in other countries), will be the price listed on the order pages when you placed your purchase. Unless you have already paid in full for the Product before the change in the rate of VAT takes effect, Package SVG will adjust the rate of VAT that you pay if the rate of VAT changes between the date of your order and the date on which it distributes the Product. Package SVG takes every precautionary measure to guarantee that the price of the Product recommended to you is accurate. Package SVG will charge the lower amount in cases where the Product’s correct pricing at the time of your order is less than our stated price at that time. Prior to accepting your order, Package SVG will get in touch with you to get your instructions if the Product’s true pricing at the time of your order differs from the price that was quoted to you.
Package SVG accepts payments made online using a credit card, PayPal, or Store Credit. Package SVG uses third-party payment processing, therefore it is impossible for it to access all of your financial data, including but not limited to credit card details. One kind of payment may be used to cover one and only one Product payment transaction; multiple payment types are not permitted (for example – Store Credit cannot be combined with PayPal to pay for a purchase). Before downloading the Product(s), you must pay for them. If you are a business customer, you must pay Package SVG all sums payable under these conditions in full, without any deductions, set-offs, or counterclaims (other than any deduction or withholding of tax as required by law). Package SVG may charge you interest on the past-due amount at a rate of 8% per year over the base lending rate of the Bank of England from time to time or as permitted by law if you fail to make any payments to Package SVG by the due date. From the due date until the day the late sum is actually paid, whether before or after judgment, this interest shall accrue daily. You must pay any late sum and interest to us.

10.1 Store Credit Customers have the option of acquiring pre-paid credits (known as “Store Credit”) from Package SVG in order to purchase products. You consent to the following conditions by purchasing Store Credit:

  • Purchases bought with store credit can only be returned to your store credit account or the equivalent in Package SVG membership program credits (referred to as “Plus Credits”), which can be used to purchase specific Products;
  • Balances on store credit cannot be withdrawn or returned;
  • To avoid the conversion of the remaining balance into Plus Credits, store credit must be spent within 180 days after the original purchase;
  • It is not possible to move store credit to another account.

10.1.1 Your store credit will automatically be converted into plus credits at a 1:1 ratio when 180 days have passed since the date of purchase. Any non-even Store Credit amounts will always have their conversion rounded up to the next whole Plus Credit. As an illustration, $1.32 will turn into 2 Plus Credits. You will receive an email informing you of the conversion before it happens.
11. Consumer Responsibility for Package SVG Package SVG is liable for losses or damages that you sustain that are reasonably foreseeable as a result of our breach of this Contract or failure to use reasonable care and skill, but Package SVG is not liable for losses or damages that are not reasonably foreseeable or for which Package SVG cannot be proven to be at fault. Loss or damage is foreseeable if it is either obvious that it will happen or if, at the time the Contract was made, both Package SVG and you knew it might happen, as in the case where you discussed it with Package SVG during the sales process or it is mentioned in the Package SVG Platform documentation. Where it would be illegal to do so, Package SVG does not exclude or restrict in any way its liability to you. This includes liability for death or personal injury brought on by Package SVG’ negligence or the negligence of our employees, agents, or subcontractors; for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; for violation of your legal rights with regard to the products, including the right to receive products that are as described and match the details Package SVG provided to you and any sample or model you have seen or examined; of acceptable quality; and suitable for any particular purpose.
If Package SVG’ failure to apply reasonable care and skill results in damage to a device or digital content that belongs to you, Package SVG will either fix the harm or pay you compensation, subject to the restrictions outlined in these Terms and Conditions. However, Package SVG will not be responsible for damages that you might have prevented by following our suggestion to apply a free update, or for damages that resulted from your failure to properly follow installation instructions or to meet the minimal system requirements we recommended.
For economic losses, Package SVG is not responsible. If you’re a consumer, we only give the Product(s) to you for the purposes listed in the Package SVG License you bought. Package SVG’ liability to you will be restricted as stated below if you use the products for any commercial, business, or profit-related purposes (referred to as “Business” or “Business Use”). As part of these Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge and agree that Package SVG’ total cumulative liability to you under or in connection with any Contract between you and Package SVG shall not exceed £50.

12. Responsibility of Package SVG – Company Package SVG is not responsible for any business losses. These conditions do not limit or otherwise exclude Package SVG’ duty for

  • wrongful death or personal harm brought on by Package SVG’ carelessness or those of its agents, employees, or contractors (where applicable);
  • fraud, deceptive representation, or
  • In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act of 1987, damaged goods

Subject to the aforementioned Clause:

  • Package SVG will not be liable to you for any loss of profit or other indirect or consequential loss occurring under or in connection with any transaction between us, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise; and
  • Package SVG’ total liability to you for all additional losses arising out of or related to any Contract between us, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or other circumstance, must not exceed £500.

13. Buyer’s Responsibilities You hereby agree to hold Package SVG blameless from any damages, liabilities, costs, or expenses (including but not limited to legal costs) resulting from or incurred as a result of any violation by you of any of the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.

14. Warranties: The materials on the Package SVG Platform are provided “as is.” Without limitation, Package SVG disclaims all implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, suitability for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. Package SVG provides no warranties, either expressed or implied. Regarding the correctness, outcomes, or dependability of using the resources on the Package SVG Platform, Package SVG neither guarantees them nor makes any promises about them. Any damage to your computer system, data loss or corruption, or other harm resulting from your access to or use of the Package SVG Platform are not the responsibility of Package SVG.

15. Assumption of Risk: You acknowledge and concur that you should not, under any circumstances, rely on the Package SVG Platform. You additionally accept that, despite the fact that your data, images, and information may be saved, generated, accessed, or otherwise handled by the Package SVG Platform, you alone are accountable for keeping and safeguarding all of it. You agree that Package SVG makes no warranties or guarantees regarding the following: (a) the availability, security, or error-free operation of the Package SVG Platform; (b) the accuracy or reliability of the results to be obtained from the use of the Package SVG Platform; or (c) the correction of any errors on the Package SVG Platform. You understand that while Package SVG makes commercially reasonable steps to prevent intellectual property breaches on the Package SVG Platform, it is ultimately your responsibility to guarantee that when you develop an end product, you are not infringing on anybody else’s rights (s). While using the Package SVG Platform, YOU ASSUME ALL RISK FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR COMPUTER SYSTEM, LOSS OF DATA, OR LOSS OF IMAGES THAT MAY RESULT, INCLUDING ANY DAMAGES OR LOSS OF INFORMATION, DATA, OR IMAGE RESULTANT FROM COMPUTER VIRUSES.

16. User Submissions – You must adhere to the established content standards whenever you utilize a function that enables you to contribute content to the Package SVG Platform or to contact other users of the Package SVG Platform.
You agree not to post anything (referred to as “User Submissions”) that could be construed as being potentially offensive, illegal, inappropriate, or threatening in any way, including but not limited to: information, comments, images, product reviews, third-party URL links, or other materials of any kind.

  • promote harassment of another person or support harassment of another person; promote racism, bigotry, hatred, or physical damage of any type against any group or individual;
    display obscene or explicit sexual content;
  • encourage any behavior that is threatening, offensive, defamatory, or libelous;
  • encourage any unlawful activity;
  • impart knowledge on criminal actions, such as the dissemination of or the creation of computer viruses or the invasion of another’s privacy;
  • promote or include false, incorrect, or misleading material that you know or suspect to be true;
  • without Package SVG’ prior written consent, engage in or promote commercial activities and/or sales, including but not restricted to raffles, barter, advertising, and pyramid schemes; or
  • violate any third-party rights in any way.

You represent and certify that any such User Submission complies with these conditions, and should this warranty be broken, you will be responsible to us and indemnify Package SVG. As a result of your warranty violation, you are now liable for any loss or harm that Package SVG sustains.
You understand that submitting a user submission does not ensure that it or any portion of it will appear on the Package SVG Platform. You acknowledge that Package SVG may, in its sole discretion, decide to display or remove any User Submission you submit on the Package SVG Platform, in whole or in part.
All user contributions to the Package SVG Platform are regarded as non-confidential and non-proprietary. You maintain full ownership of your content, but you must provide us and other users of our site a restricted license to access, use, store, copy, distribute, and otherwise make that content available to third parties. You grant Package SVG a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide license to use the User Submissions for the purposes of carrying out Package SVG’ obligations under these terms and making them available to other users of the Package SVG Platform when you upload or post content to the Package SVG Platform. Additionally, Package SVG has the right to reveal your name to any third party who asserts that any User Submission posted to the Package SVG Platform infringes on their intellectual property rights or privacy. You hereby release Package SVG from any claims, demands, and damages (whether actual or consequential) of any kind and nature, known and unknown, arising out of or in connection with any dispute you may have with any other user of the Package SVG Platform.

17. Limitation of Liability and Actions: IN NO EVENT SHALL DESIGN BUNDLES, ITS SHAREHOLDERS, DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, OR AGENTS BE LIABLE (JOINTLY The aforementioned may not apply to you because some jurisdictions do not permit the exclusion of certain damages. Liability will be constrained to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law if any applicable authority determines that any part of this clause is invalid. Regardless of any statute or law to the contrary, you have one (1) year from the day your claim or cause of action arises to file it, if it has anything to do with your use of the Package SVG Platform. Any such claim or cause of action that is not brought within the allotted one (1) year window will be permanently barred.

18. Indemnification: By using the Package SVG Platform, violating the Terms, or infringing on the rights of another, you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Package SVG and its officers, directors, agents, licensors, suppliers, other partners, employees, and representatives harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party.

19. Your Conduct: By using the Package SVG Platform, you agree not to download, upload, post, e-mail, or otherwise send or transmit any material that is infected with viruses or any other computer code, files, or programs that are intended to limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment connected to the Package SVG Platform. Additionally, you undertake not to disrupt the servers or networks linked to the Package SVG Platform or violate any of the rules, guidelines, or policies of those networks, the terms of which are included herein. Additionally, you agree not to: (1) use the Package SVG Platform in an unlawful manner; (2) behave in a vulgar, offensive, harassing, or objectionable manner; (3) impersonate another person while using the Package SVG Platform; (4) resell or export any software, promotional image, video, manual, guide, tutorial, or other Package SVG generated customer service or educational product linked to the Package SVG Platform. Use of the Package SVG Platform during activities where there is a high risk of accident is not encouraged by Package SVG, recommended by Package SVG, or approved by Package SVG. You consent to abstaining from doing so while using the Package SVG Platform.

20. Corrections and Errors: There may be technical, typographical, or photographic errors in the contents that appear on the Package SVG Platform. Package SVG disclaims all responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, and currentness of any information on the Package SVG Platform or in any marketing materials. The materials on the Package SVG Platform or in its marketing materials are subject to change at any moment without prior notice at the discretion of Package SVG. Package SVG does not guarantee that any of these assets will be updated.

21. Links: Package SVG hasn’t reviewed every link that might have been posted on the Package SVG Platform and isn’t in charge of any connected site’s content. The presence of a link does not imply support from Package SVG for either the linked third-party website or the Package SVG Platform. The user uses these linked websites at their own risk.

22. Use of the Site Terms Package SVG reserves the right to modify these terms at any moment and without prior notice. You consent to be bound by the then-current version of these Terms by using the Package SVG Platform.

23. Your Information and Privacy: By using the Package SVG Platform, you agree to the provisions of the Package SVG Privacy Notice (the “Privacy Notice”), which is incorporated into these Terms. You may provide your personal information as described in the Privacy Notice. For example, storing your Personal Information on our servers so that the Package SVG Platform can access it, we may require your consent to perform certain things with your information, according to the rules of the Privacy Notice. You accept that we must take those actions solely to fulfill our obligation to you to deliver our services, and you grant us permission to do so. Furthermore, you acknowledge and agree that if you choose to connect the Package SVG Platform to any third-party service, such as Facebook, that service may ask you to register for an account with it. In order to do so, the third party may ask you for additional personal information that is outside of our control. You acknowledge that the content you upload to the Package SVG Platform is exclusively your responsibility. For instance, it is your obligation to confirm that you have the authorization or rights necessary to abide by these Terms. You are accountable and liable for how you utilize any content that is another person’s protected intellectual property that you use in conjunction with the Package SVG Platform. If you choose to connect any third-party service to the Package SVG Platform, you accept that Package SVG may collect that information or otherwise have access to it as a condition of your use of the Package SVG Platform. Any Personal Information that Package SVG obtains from such a third-party provider will only be used to provide you with Package SVG services.

24. Electronic Communications: By using the Package SVG Platform, you agree to receive communications from Package SVG by electronic means, including notices. You acknowledge and agree that any notice, agreement, disclosure, or other communication that we transmit to you electronically satisfies any written or oral requirement that such communication be made in writing under applicable law.

25. Account Security: You acknowledge responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of the password you use to access the Package SVG Platform and agree not to share it with anyone. Whether or whether you gave your permission for a certain behavior, you are nonetheless liable for it. Any unauthorized use of your account must be reported right away to Package SVG. You understand that using a secure encrypted connection to communicate with the Package SVG Platform is your responsibility if you want to protect the information you send to Package SVG. You alone are in charge of protecting and backing up your content.

26. Intellectual Property Rights: The Package SVG Platform and the Package SVG services, including any software, business practices, domains, and content made accessible through the Package SVG Platform, are the sole property of Package SVG and/or its licensors. You undertake not to copy, edit, republish, download, transmit, mirror, frame, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute, or make any derivative works of any content on the Package SVG Platform unless expressly permitted by Package SVG. Additionally, you are not permitted to remove or alter any copyright notices, trademark notices, or other notices of ownership from any of the Package SVG Limited Apps, Package SVG Limited Websites, and/or Package SVG Limited Platforms.

27. Trademarks: All names, marks, trademarks, logos, designs, trade dress, slogans, or other designations that Package SVG utilizes in connection with its goods and services are referred to as “Package SVG Trademarks.” Without the previous written authorization of Package SVG, you are not permitted to remove, use, or modify any of its trademarks. You agree that any use of the Package SVG Trademarks by you will solely benefit Package SVG and that you are aware of Package SVG’ rights in the Package SVG Trademarks. In order to use any Package SVG Trademarks on or in connection with any products, services, or technologies, you agree not to include them in your trademarks, service marks, company names, domain names, web addresses, or other similar designations unless you have a valid license from the Package SVG Platform. Other trademarks that appear in connection with the Package SVG Platform but are not owned by Package SVG are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be related to, associated with, or supported by Package SVG.

28. License: Nothing in these Terms should be interpreted as granting any license to intellectual property rights unless it is expressly mentioned therein or a License is bought or granted. On the condition that the following conditions are met: (a) all applicable copyright notices on the content are preserved; (b) the content will not be copied, posted on any networked computer, or published in any medium, unless expressly permitted by valid permission or license covering such materials; and (c) the content will not be modified. Permission is granted to display, use, and download Package SVG Apps or services on the Package SVG Platform. If you violate any of the Terms, this license expires immediately and without warning.

29. Termination: We reserve the right, with or without notice, to suspend or terminate the Package SVG Platform, your Package SVG Account, or support for the Package SVG Platform at any time. For instance, if you violate these Terms or use the Package SVG Platform in a way that puts us in jeopardy of legal liability or interferes with how others use it, we may suspend or cancel your use. In extreme circumstances, such as when you persistently or flagrantly violate these Terms, when you violate a court order, or when you endanger other users, we may suspend your access instantly and without warning. Nonetheless, we may try to notify you in advance if we suspend or terminate your use.

30. Force Majeure: Package SVG won’t be held responsible for any failure or delay in carrying out its obligations brought on by circumstances beyond its reasonable control, which may include, without limitation, denial-of-service attacks, labor conditions, strikes, material shortages, riots, insurrection, fires, flood, storm, explosions, epidemics or pandemics, acts of God, war, terrorism, civil unrest, governmental action, labor conditions, earthquakes, material shortages If such an event occurs, Package SVG shall be released from any further performance of its obligations for the duration of the event, and you will not be entitled to a refund of any payments you have already paid.

31. Merger: With regard to the terms of the Terms, these Terms constitute the entirety of your agreement with Package SVG. All earlier understandings between you and Package SVG with regard to the Terms are superseded by these Terms.

32. Modifications: Package SVG has the right to modify these terms at any time. Any changes will be publicized on the website or any Package SVG platform.

33. Choice of Law and Arbitration: Any disagreement involving these terms or the design bundles platform shall be controlled by and construed in accordance with English law, and any litigation arising out of such conflict shall be brought exclusively in English courts.
ANY CLAIM, DISPUTE, OR CONTROVERSY (WHETHER IN CONTRACT, TORT, OR OTHERWISE, AND INCLUDING STATUTORY, COMMON LAW, INTENTIONAL TORT, AND EQUITABLE CLAIMS) BETWEEN YOU AND DESIGN BUNDLES, its agents, employees, principals, successors, assigns, and affiliates (collectively, “Package SVG” for purposes of this paragraph) arising from or THE TWO PARTY-APPOINTED ARBITRATORS SHALL THEN APPOINT A THIRD ARBITRATOR, AND EACH PARTY SHALL BE ENTITLED TO APPOINT AN ARBITRATOR. The CIARB or ARP shall, at the request of either party, appoint an arbitrator on behalf of the defaulting party if either party fails to choose an arbitrator within 30 days of receiving notice of the appointment of an arbitrator by the other party. The third arbitrator will be appointed by the CIARB or ARP at the request of either party if the first and second arbitrators appointed cannot agree on one within 30 days after the appointment of the second arbitrator. THE DISPUTE BETWEEN YOU AND DESIGN BUNDLES WILL BE THE SOLE MATTER OF THE ARBITRATION. NO CLAIM MAY BE JOINED OR CONSOLIDATED BY OR AGAINST OTHER CUSTOMERS OR ARBITRATED AS A REPRESENTATIVE OR CLASS ACTION OR IN A PRIVATE ATTORNEY GENERAL CAPACITY BY YOU OR DESIGN BUNDLES. Any decision made by the arbitrator will be final, enforceable against all parties, and admissible as evidence in any court with appropriate jurisdiction. Costs and legal fees will be covered by each party separately. However, the arbitrator may award reasonable fees to the prevailing party in accordance with the rules for fee shifting prescribed by law if any party succeeds on a statutory claim that grants the prevailing party attorney fees or if there is a written agreement providing for fees.

34. Severability: If any part of the Terms is held to be invalid, that part will be changed to reflect Design Bundle’s intent. The Terms’ remaining clauses will all still be in force.

35. Remedies: All legal and equitable remedies are in addition to and cumulative with the rights and remedies reserved to Package SVG under these Terms.

36. No Waiver: Package SVG retains the right to require your fulfillment of any provision of these Terms at any time, even if it chooses not to do so at the time. A waiver by Package SVG of one breach of these Terms’ provisions does not imply a subsequent waiver of that or any other breach. There is no precedent that may be used to support a waiver or restriction of your responsibilities under these Terms.

37. Export Regulations: The Package SVG Platform may be governed by export regulations of the United Kingdom as well as those of other nations. You agree to strictly abide by all applicable laws, in particular: (a) obtain any export, re-export, or import authorizations required by UK or local laws; (b) refrain from using the Package SVG Platform to develop or produce missile, chemical/biological, or nuclear weaponry; and (c) refrain from providing the Package SVG Platform to prohibited countries and entities listed in the UK or local export regulations.

38. Survival: After the expiration or termination of your use of the Package SVG Platform, the rights and obligations under the Terms that ought to by their nature survive such usage will continue to be in full force.

39. Governing Law: English law shall govern and be construed in line with any claim relating to Package SVG Ltd Entities or the Package SVG Ltd Platform, and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any controversies connected thereto.